About Aquapsycho

The idea of creating this page is to help other fish thank lovers to find the best products they need for their aquarium. Since I have 25+ years of experience in this hobby, and I help a lot in my town, I decided to go online so I can start helping fish tank lovers all around the world.


I made some researches and found out that the reviews for fish thank products are not quite good and made from inexperienced people. Giving the wrong information will only cause trouble in this hobby. That was the main reason I decided to go online because It is very difficult to get reviews for aquarium products from local hobbyist or local fish stores, it takes a lot of time and effort.


So at www.aquapsycho.com I offer to share all the experience I have for fresh and saltwater fish tanks. At the moment i have six betta fish tanks, one tank with angel fishes and one saltwater tank. I hope that you will enjoy and learn on this page and feel free to ask questions and get the help you need! I hope you like my videos 🙂

Most Beautiful Betta Fish