Purge In Tank AEFW Treatment Review

How to cure AEFW?

WOW…The massive news is on our way…All the reefers around the world are excited to see the first product PURGE that can kill Acropora Eating Flat Worms inside the tank and it’s total reef safe.

Treatment is very simple and easy…you have to dose Purge ones per week and in four weeks time, all Acropora Eating Flat Worms will be dead. Yes, they will be…

Flatworms Bites

As we already know the most powerful pest that can eat all of our acropora coral and that we can’t do anything inside our tanks is Acropora Eating Flat Worm. Also, we can’t see them with our eyes and when we notice that something it’s happening it too late. Suddenly all of our acropora corals are dying because these worms are eating them. That’s why all acropora lovers are very excited to hear this news. Purge will be the game changer. No more quarantine tank, no more 6 months acro free tank for starving the AEFW and to start all over again, no more losing our lovely corals that are so rare to find and so expensive.

Underwater Creations, Inc is the company behind this revolutionary product. They claim that Purge in tank AEFW destroyer is totally reef safe including the most sensitive SPS corals, LPS corals, soft corals, invertebrates, starfish, clams, pods, macroalgae.

Acropora Flatworms
quarantine tank

If you have Skimmer in your sump you must clean the cup every two days and if you use to hang on skimmer you should turn it off. Also for Purge to be effective you must not use active carbon because it will absorb the medication and treatment will be not effective.

Maybe using Purge will affect the Alkalinity in the water so you should test at least two times per day to prevent any fluctuation that will disbalance the tank.

AEFW treatment with Purge

  • -The first day you should dose 2 oz per 20 gallons of total water volume,
  • -The sixth day you should make small 5%-10% water change,
  • -The seventh-day dose 1 oz per 20 gallons of total water volume,
  • -Day 13 small water change 5%-10%,
  • -Day 14 dose 1 oz per 20 gallons of total water volume,
  • -Day 20 small water change 5%-10%,
  • -Day 21 dose 1 oz per 20 gallons of total water volume,
  • -Day 28 small water change 5%-10%

After 4 week time, you will be Acropora Eating Flat Worms FREE

One 16 oz. the bottle will treat a 50 US Gallon System For the Full Treatment

Two 16 oz. bottles will treat a 100 Gallon System

Three 16 oz. bottles will treat a 150 Gallon System



Seems like this is the product that we are all waiting for…



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