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Axolotl Care Guide | Where to Buy 2018

Axolotl Care, Best Tank and Types

Axolotl is the “babies” of the tank.  Even at maturity, they keep the trademark feathery external grills so they remain aquatic at all times. In addition to this, their teeth never develop properly so they rely on a suction method in order to eat. These aquatic amphibians are mostly found in the southern part of Mexico City.

The common white axolotls with black eyes are most commonly found in captivity as a result of breeding. What’s very interesting about these is the fact that they can regenerate jaws, spinal cords, skin, and even some portions of their brain. Yes, they can really regrow them.

There have been a lot of tests and research done on them for their incredible capabilities but nothing has been discovered yet. They have these powers simply because they have this special gift and because they are really cute.

Fun Fact: Even if they can grow legs, they remain in the water.

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How to Care Axolotl

If you want them to live a long and happy life, you have to pay close attention to the water. Neutral, soft water is the perfect environment for them to survive. The pH level should be between 6.8 and 7. In addition to this, the water temperature should be between 65-degrees to 70-degrees Fahrenheit. Try to change around 25% of the water once a month or twice according to your own specific situation. You should remember to treat the tap water before putting it in the tank.

You have to bear in mind that these fish are prone to numerous diseases that can be caused due to unsanitary conditions and water parasites. Before you treat them with medicine you must diagnose the problem as too much medicine can cause organ damage.

Best Tank

It’s a known fact that they can reach up to 4” (L) and 8” (H). Therefore, we thoroughly recommend that you purchase a tall tank. The size of the tank should be according to the number and sizes of the fish. As a rule of thumb, you should remember that Furthermore, they also require a lot of swimming space even though they are not agile fish.

Want to  have 2 adult-size axolotls? then the tank should be around 20-gallons. We also advise you to consider purchasing a tank that fits them properly as they can get pretty annoyed with the other species and especially their own. By providing them with enough room to move around, you will reduce the risk of them hurting each other simply because they can.


The color of them depends on their pigments. A wild-type of axolotls is a combination of greens, browns, and blacks. They usually have dark eyes and a shiny gold ring around the pupil. The cute Leucistic has a white/pink body color with dark eyes. What’s so special about them is the fact that they are prone to develop freckles if they are in the right environment. The White Albino has a completely white body and doesn’t develop any other pigmentation.

The GFP Axolotls are very special as they are genetically modified for research purposes. The gene is now recessive which means that it’s passed on from generation to generation. The protein makes their body glow vibrant green under blue lighting. Thus, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect.

Best Food

They can be fed live foods such as earthworms, insects, small crustaceans, and small strips of raw lean beef and chicken. Even though you can feed them alive food, you should feed them with care as they are prone to parasites and bacteria. In order to provide them with vitamins and minerals, we advise that you feed them with night crawlers. They will never develop any deficiencies.

As a rule of thumb, you should remember that they live softer types of pellets such as brine shrimp. You should feed the adults 3 times a week, and as much food as they will consume in an hour. If you are trying to fatten them up, you have to stop when their belly is as wide as their head. That is the perfect size for them.

The good thing about them is the fact that they will let you know when they like or dislike a type of food. If they like it, they will start eating it right away but if they don’t, they will sniff it and run back to where they came from.

Top Tip: Overfeeding is likely to create bacteria in the water. Since they are prone to diseases, you should avoid this at all times.

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Axolotl Lifespan

Depending on the type of the fish, they can last from 10 to 20 years if you take good care of them. In case it shows signs of sickness, you have to place them in a quarantine tank and let them be examined by a veterinarian. You should avoid at all times to put them back into the tank at least until the health issue has passed and you are sure of it. Do not risk spreading the disease to the other fish.

You have to remember that they like to hide. Also they will become very stressed if you do not provide them with enough vegetation or places for hiding. Think about using bogwood, logs, stones, and cork bark to make the aquarium look natural and to provide them with a familiar home.

Tank Mates

What’s important to remember with this species is the fact that you should house them with other fish as they will tend to eat the external grills of the axolotl. In addition to this, smaller fish that can fit in their mouth will get eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As well as, they tend to be very aggressive with other fish such as Plecostomus, and Newts.

You can, however, house together males and males or females and females. It’s not a good idea to place female and male as they will breed. This is risky as siblings will create fish with genetic defects and the offspring will be more prone to diseases.

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