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Best Aquarium Air Pump | Top 5 2018

Best Aquarium Air Pump

If you want to keep the fish healthy at all times, it’s essential that you have one of the best aquarium air pump. They are capable of bringing the air from outside to the aquarium through an outlet. If you combine it with an excellent aquarium light, you can illuminate the bubbles it produces to give an aesthetical appeal. However, the main purpose of it is to oxygenate the water. The filter will be able to clean the water, the light will put an emphasis on aesthetics and the air pump will oxygenate the water.

Important Features To Consider

Tank size – If the pump is too small for the tank, it won’t circulate air to the areas that it needs. If you purchase a pump that is too big and large, the vibrations will annoy the fish. As well as, it will turn out to be too noisy.

Decorative objects – The greatest thing about it is the fact that you can connect the filters with the air pump. You can ‘hide’ the pump by connecting it to different decorative objects if you don’t want to see the pump.

Noise – It’s inevitable that you want the unit to produce minimal noise. Some models can produce a noise rate of up to 40 dB. That’s quieter than a whisper conversation between two people.


  • Tetra Whisper

Its unique dome shape will ensure a sound dampening operation in order to minimize vibrations. It will also provide a smooth quiet stream of air. You will be thoroughly pleased to know that this model comes with an app. On it, you can set helpful reminders and keep track of the maintenance. This is why it’s one of the best aquarium air pump. This product is suitable for tanks that are up to 10-gallons.

Best Features:

Energy-efficient – You can leave the model to operate for the whole day as it doesn’t draw too much electricity.


Pros Cons
All accessories are included The plastic is likely to crack
The model is a dual outlet The pump creates a buzzing noise
Easy to use by beginners Some people reported problems with the valve
Numerous options to choose from  
It minimizes vibrations  



  • Hydrofarm Active Aqua Air Pump

This pump is ideal for oxygenating aquariums of all sizes. If you want to have healthy plants, you need to provide them with the right amount of air. This pump will bring dissolved oxygen to the nutrients so they can be absorbed easily by the fish and plants. Even though it looks like a machine, you will notice that it has a whisper-quiet operation with multi-level muffler. You can adjust it according to your needs. In addition to this, you can also adjust the airflow according to your requirements. When it’s feeding time, you can turn it lower.

Best Features:

Energy-efficient – The unit draws 6-watts per minute. This means that you can keep it functioning 24/7 without your energy bill going up.


Pros Cons
All accessories are included The highest noise level is too loud
Artificial rubber keeps a steady air flow There’s no power switch to turn it off
Easy to use by beginners Some people reported a rattling noise inside of the pump
You can adjust the noise  
You can adjust the water flow  


  • Mylivell Quietest Aquarium Air Pump

You will notice that this item is completely different than the other models as it has been designed with a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate. The other models have electromagnetic plates. It doesn’t consume a lot of energy and it has a flow rate of 240ml/min. Therefore, it’s suitable for those with medium water tanks. You will be pleased to know that you can decorate it with whatever decorations you want. Your fish, plants or shrimp will be thoroughly pleased with this air pump.

Best Features:

Unique style – You will notice straight away that this has a unique design and shape which is aesthetically pleasing and it will not look out of place.


Pros Cons
It can produce a large amount of bubbles It leaks air at the bottom
Comes with suctions cups The tubes are made from plastic
One of the quietest models on the market It can make a lot of vibrations
It has a rated power of 1.8 watts  
Suitable for small to medium tanks  


  • Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump

You should consider this model as it makes high oxygen levels in order to keep fish healthy for a long period of time. You can use this in fresh and saltwater without worrying that it will damage. It’s also suitable for aquariums up to 100-gallons. However, the great thing about it is the fact that it’s also great for a 10-gallon tank as you can adjust the airflow when necessary. Due to the fact that the company cares about you, the package comes with all of the accessories you need to use it straight away. Thus, you will remove the need to pay anything extra.

Best Feature:

Compact – Due to its design, it won’t look out of place. In addition to this, it also makes it lightweight.


Pros Cons
Dual outlets to run the 2 ports The higher the setting, the noisier it will be
It has a silent hum It’s made from plastic
Comes with a 1-Year warranty period  
Suitable for a range of tanks  


  • Fluval Q1 Air Pump

Even though this is the last air pump we’ve presented, it doesn’t mean that it’s our least favorite. In fact, this is one of the best aquarium air pump worthy of your consideration. It has a whisper quiet operation as it creates a noise level rates 30 dB. It’s suitable for aquariums that measure anything between 50-gallons to 160-gallons. You can easily adjust the airflow according to your needs. On the first look it’s compact, but you will find that it’s one of the most powerful air pumps. It has a swing arm and diaphragm design to ensure superior efficiency.

Best Feature

Construction – This model has a double-walled construction which means that it will resist under water for numerous years.


Pros Cons
Designed with a noise suppressing chamber The operational noise gets louder as time passes
Energy-efficient operation The screws are not made from high-quality material
Comes with a 1-Year warranty period  
Compact size  


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