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Best Aquarium Led Lights Reviews | For Plants and Corals

Best Aquarium Lights for freshwater and saltwater

Think of it this way, if the fish is the lead singer and the aquarium is the guitarist, that makes the aquarium lights the drummer. No band can function without a proper drummer. This is the case for the best aquarium lights. There’s no point to having fancy fish and a large aquarium if you don’t have a proper lighting system. It’s completely useless if you cannot see the fish inside.


Important Features To Consider

Internal Visual Appeal –  How do you want the colors in the tank to appear? Nowadays, it’s very popular to have color combinations. However, some people also prefer to bring the colors of the fish by putting an emphasis on them.

External Visual Appeal – Of course, it’s only common sense that you want the aquarium to appear aesthetically pleasing. This is why it’s best that you consider the models that aren’t bulky or take up too much space.

User-friendly – Some lights will come with remote controls so you can adjust the lights from a distance. As well as, some models are designed with buttons on top. The functions range from adjusting the intensity to custom color display.


1.NICREW Classic Aquarium Light

This model is suitable for the aquariums that have several photosynthetic plants. I will not use this light for coral tank.  It has been designed with two lighting modes. The Lunar LED has 18 blue lights which will provide an energy-saving operation. By choosing this option, you don’t have to worry that your energy bill will go up. It also replicated the moonlight cycle. Additionally, you also have the option to choose the Daylight LED. It has 90 white LED and 18 Led blue light mode for a brighter fluorescent bulb.

Best Feature

Adjustable Mounting Legs – These legs will provide you flexibility in fitting. Therefore, even if you change the aquarium, you don’t have to purchase a new light.


Pros Cons
The white LEDs are very bright Suitable for freshwater only
It provides a realistic view of the aquarium They are not quality checked before being put on the market
Accessories are included It’s not fully water-proof
It sustains living plants
Suitable for a range of aquariums


2. Current USA Orbit Marine

The reason why this is one of the best aquarium lights is due to the fact that it’s much brighter than the other models. In addition to this, it will provide you with more colors that are ultra-light. The wide color spectrum will make your corals and fish look incredible. It comes with multiple modes that dim periodically to create different light effects. It’s also very easy to install as the extendable brackets will allow the LED light to fit with a majority of tanks. The built-in light programs will create a 24-hour natural lighting cycle. This is the best light for your saltwater aquarium.

Best Feature

High-spectrum LED lights – The full spectrum will create a perfect combination for fish, rocks, and corals. It can also create a fluoresce look.


Pros Cons
It can generate a gradual sunrise, sunset, and moonlight Some people reported an electrical shortage
It’s fully controllable The remote-control housing is made from plastic
The housing measures less than .5” thick
It has a rating of IP65 water resistance
Integrated wave pump control


3. Current USA Satellite

The super bright 6500K white LEDs and the rich 445Nm blue LED’s make this as one of the best aquarium lights. The multiple modes dim periodically so it creates different weather conditions. You will be amazed by the storm modes and smart evening modes that include lunar and dusk. If you’re not already impressed by it, you should know that this light can also mimic real-world aquatic conditions. The company stands very strong with their product so the package will arrive with 30-Days Guarantee. If you’re not happy with it, you will receive your money back with no questions asked.

Best Feature

Wireless IR remote – If you don’t feel like operating the light on the tank, you can change the settings from the remote control. The greatest thing about it is the fact that you don’t have to be close to the light to change the settings.


Pros Cons
Easy to program by beginners The remote control eats through batteries fast
The light has an aluminium housing Some people have reported that the LEDs lose brightness
Designed with a dusk mode for easy evening viewing
It brings out the color of the plants and fish
You can choose between white and blue LED lights


4. Mingdak LED Aquarium Light

If you enjoy looking at the fish at night time, you need to consider this model. It has been designed with white LEDs with a shimmering effect for superior light effect. You will be thoroughly pleased with the in-frame mounting which allows you to see the light without seeing the unit. This is great news if you want the tank to be aesthetically pleasing. The low voltage means that you can keep the light operating every day without having to worry about your energy bill. This model is described to be 20% brighter than the other models. I will never use this light for Reef Tank

Best Feature

Protection cups – You can rely on the model for numerous years to come as the unit is designed with excellent protection against water.


Pros Cons
Designed with suction cups You cannot fully submerge it under the water
You can easily turn it on or off Customer service could be better
It stimulates the plants to grow Limited warranty period
Energy-efficient operation Suitable for freshwater only
Easy to program by beginners


5. COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting

The reason why this is another one of the best aquarium lights is due to the fact that it has been designed with multiple colors and lighting modes. Due to the fact that it has been created this way, it generates the plant’s growth. The extendable brackets will allow you to adjust the length of the light to fit whatever the size of your tank is. It has a lifespan of over 10.000 hours which means that you can leave it to function for many years.

Best Feature

Smart – The remote control has 2.4G technology so you don’t have to point the remote to the light to change the settings.


Pros Cons
The lights are dimmable The LEDs lose quality over time
Easy to use by beginners The unit is made from plastic
Ideal for fresh and saltwater
Multiple color options
Energy-efficient operation


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