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Betta Fish Tank | How To Care

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Which is the best tank for betta fish?

There are a lot of choices on the market for a home for your betta fish. Also, there are some rules that are good to be followed.  Betta tank must be 2 gallons or more.

minimum of 2 gallons (8 liters) tank

optimum 2-5 (9-18 liters) gallons

best 5+ (18+ liters) gallons


No need for extra quality light. Most of the tanks come with integrating light so you don’t have to worry about it.  if not you can buy some cheap led light but you must find the right dimension that will be ok for your tank. My choice is this one but you can find a lot of different lights that are good for your tank


Same as the lighting its coming integrated with the tank.  If not you should buy some gentle small filter because it will provide much better water quality and will save your time for cleaning the tank and water changes.


Do you need one? YES. Probably the smallest one but they are tropical fish and want water temperature between 75 – 80 Fahrenheit. Sometimes will come integrated with the tank but if not you can buy from Amazon some small 50w, cheap


Its good to have some accessories in the tank so betta can hide and enjoy more. It is best if you can put some live plants but for that, you will need proper soil and will make things a little complicated so plastic plants will be good for a start.

Types of Betta Fish

According to  there are 9 most common betta fish found in pet stores. Most breeds are named by the shape of their tails.

  • Crowntail

  • Delta/Super Delta

  • Doubletail

  • Half Sun/Combtail

  • Halfmoon

Betta Fish Food

There is live food, frozen and dry food that we can feed our fishes.

  • Live food is what betta eat in the wild. Therefore we always want to make them feel as much as happy as in the wild but there are two main problems when we are talking about live food. First one is that its so hard to find quality live food on the market and second is that live food can quickly make water in betta tank dirty. That’s why I never feed my betta with live food.
  • Frozen food is a good alternative for live food and you can find it easily where to buy it but will harm the water same as live food. If you are a beginner I will not recommend frozen food until you take some experience for caring betta fish.
  • Dry food is the most used food for betta care. There are many types on the market and also you can buy them online so you don’t have to waste your time in your local pet shops just for buying fish food. It’s better to feed pellets than flakes food. My first, second and third choice for feeding your betta fish.

How much food is enough so that water can stay unpolluted – ammonia free. Probably the best way to start is to give yours betta food that can be eaten in a period of one minute. If some uneaten food stays in the tank it’s going to pollute the water and will increase the chance of ammonium spike which is toxic to all kind of fishes. Also, you can skip one day for feeding ant that will not make any problem to the fish.

Want To Buy Betta Fish

There are two ways to do this. If you have near your some local pet stores you can go and see if there some quality betta fishes for sale. Be careful to buy a healthy one otherwise you will have a problem from the start and that’s what you don’t want. If your local pet store doesn’t have a good reputation (you can google it) better to buy online from quality sellers that have good reviews.


Betta Fish Fight – Compatibility

You can have one male or male with female only if they are breeding pair. Otherwise, 2 males will fight till death. And yes, you can have up to five females but males are more beautiful. They are known as Siamese fighting fish.


  • You can keep betta fish two to three years in your tank;

  • Betta fish is a carnivore, so they want food rich with protein and will not benefit from eating any algae food;

  • They can jump out of the water so don’t fill the tank to the top;

  • Female bettas have shorter fins and are less colorful than males;

  • There are more than 90 variety of bettas at the moment;

  • They are one of the most intelligence fish;




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