How to Start a Fish Tank

Looking to start a Fish Tank?

There are 8 things that you should know before you start this hobby.

1. High cost at the beginning

In the beginning, you should buy a tank, filter, light, heather and some other small things for you Fish Tank. That’s why costs are high but after that, you can enjoy this hobby with small costs. If you are a beginner you should start with freshwater fishes and they are not expensive at all.

2. Size, The Bigger – The Better

It’s very simple. In the bigger tank, you can afford to make more mistakes than in a small one. There is more living space for your fishes. Maybe, in the beginning, you want to have a few fishes but this hobby is an addiction. Soon you will ask your self why I didn’t buy the bigger one so I can put more fishes for more enjoying. The more fish you have the more pollution in the water will be. That’s why we are making water changes otherwise fish waste (pop, pie, uneaten food) will break down and will produce chemicals that are toxic to fish. So according to the place where you want to place your Fish Tank try to put the biggest one.

 3. Nitrogen Cycle

First time when you add fish in your tank you will start a nitrogen cycle. This cycle has 3 phases. First one is where ammonium is produced from fish pop and pie. Natural beneficial bacteria will build up slowly and will convert ammonium into Nitrite. The second phase is where beneficial bacteria will convert Nitrite into Nitrate. The final phase is where denitrifying bacteria will break down nitrates into nitrogen gas that escapes through the water surface of the aquarium. This cycle can last from four to eight weeks. That’s why a lot of aquarists are using aquarium test kit so they can always know in which phase is their fish tank at any moment. Also, there are products that can help to start and finish this cycle much faster and safer. For maintaining healthy beneficial bacteria you will need a surface where bacteria is leaving and that’s is where the aquarium filter came up.

4. Aquarium Filter

There 3 different way of filtration.

Biological filtration is where beneficial bacteria’s are doing the job. Those filters are providing a larger surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize.

Mechanical filtration is where uneaten fish food, fish waste, decayed plant materials, and other debris are physically trapped. We can use pads, sponges or filter wool for this kind of filtration.

Chemical filtration is used when we want to add some chemicals in our fish tank to resolve some problems.

That’s why choosing the good filter for your fish tank is one of the most important things. Check out my best aquarium filter post for more info.

5. Aquarium Lighting

Choosing the Proper Lighting for Your Aquarium is also very essential. If you don’t have good lighting plants will suffer, fishes will not pop up their most beautiful color and you full tank will be not so cool and that means you will not enjoy your tank as you should. There are three main sources for the aquarium lighting. LED, T5 fluorescent light and Metal Halid. You can check my review for the best light for your fish tank.

6. Aquarium Heaters

Providing stable temperatures is one of the things that is also important. Maybe freshwater fishes are more tolerant then marine one but they also need water temperatures somewhere between 75 and 80°F. There are a lot of heaters on the market that can do the job properly.

7. Fish Food

Same as us fishes need to eat food that is enriched with vitamins. There are also herbivores fishes that will eat only algae food. There are many good producers for fish food on the market so you can choose 2 or more different type for the beginning. My choice is Hikari

8. Buying your first fishes

It’s very important to buy healthy fish. If you have some local Fish Store or some online retailer with a good reputation will be good to go. Also at the beginning start slowly. Wait for two weeks after you add your first fishes and then if everything is ok, add some more. You must know that some fish are not compatible so they cant leave together. Also if you want betta fish you must know that you cant have 2 male in one aquarium because they will fight till death. Check out my post for BETTA FISH BEST AQUARIUMS, FOODS, TYPES, SALE, FACTS, FIGHT




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