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My 1st Reef Tank with LPS, SPS and Softy Corals

The first phase – Live Rock

In this post, I will show pictures and videos from my reef tank from the begging. I’m addicted to this hobby for more than 25 years and my last 7 years I’m in love with saltwater tanks. The first, coral that I fall in love was Euphyllia Glabrescens – Torch Coral. I saw it at my local pet store. I was going there every day just to watch it and I was staring in this coral for more than 30 minutes per day. After I decide that I must have a saltwater aquarium I started to learn as much as I can. I was waiting for the live rock Fiji for more than 100 days. Everything was prepared and when i put the rock into the water i was officially started.

Live Rock

The second phase – Snails, Corals, Fishes

After some time i started introducing some snails to test the water is it toxic or not. After 30 days this is how my reef tank was looking:

Reef Tank
As you can see my favorite coral Euphyllia Torch was already there.

So how time was passing I introduced more and more corals and fishes. I must watch out for the Po4 and No3 so water can be healthy for the corals. That’s why I wasn’t in hurry to add more fishes at once. Although I was fascinated by the corals and not that much to the fishes. To be honest I had some loses but that is normally in this hobby. How I was getting more experience the reef was improving.

The third phase – adding more and more

When you start adding corals and fishes and the system is stable enough to handle the changes you put more and more things in your reef. That is the time when I started to frag some corals and to exchange them with other reefers. Also, there was a list with corals that I wanted to have and same for the fishes. Those are the pictures when my reef was thriving at his best.

Reef Tank

Flame Angel

The fourth phase – experiments

In that time I started to experiment with changing parts from my equipment. First of all, I changed the circulation pump. In the video below you can see my new toy that brings more life to the reef tank and more joy to the corals and fishes. From the start, there were positive changes in coral grow and fishes were happier than before. Too bad it was chines pump that was only working for five months so I must replace it with the old one that I have it.


So After the experiment with the chines pump, I make another experiment with chines LED light. In that time Led lights were starting to be interested for the reefers around the world.  I wasn’t immune at all so I jump in the train. Somehow I put my hand on Zetlight 6600 ZT. From the begging, I was using Ati Sunpower 6x54w. The best one that I ever had.

This Led Light was great, to be honest. I was playing with the remote control all the time until i found the best mode that i like most. Some of the corals were enjoying the change but some didn’t. Although it was to small for my tank and the corals that were at the sides were suffering because they didn’t get the light that they used before. That is why I upgrade the light with a DIY combination of 2xT5 Ati Coral Plus and Ati Blue Plus. After that, I put another combination of 2 x T5 Ati Coral Plus and the light was perfect for the whole tank. Perfect for the tank but has harsh for my eyes. It wasn’t esthetic at all so I sold my LED Light and bring back my old ATI Sunpower.

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